Employee Benefits

At AMI Group, Inc., our goal is to help you achieve your insurance and benefit goals.

Employee Benefits

AMI Group, Inc. has vast experience helping clients with their employee benefits strategy.  We will help you to find solutions for your company and will help you to have:

  • Control over claims that are spiraling and control over costs that could raise the premium
  • Employees who will make great benefit choices for themselves and their families
  • Employees who are engaged and who are becoming strong leaders
  • Increased productivity because employees are exhibiting healthy behaviors
    • Reduced workers’ compensation costs and reduced medical costs as a result of healthy behaviors

AMI Group, Inc. can help you to transform your employee benefits program and bring it to a whole other level.  We offer a variety of benefits services for our clients, which include:

  • Compliance support
  • Cost containment tools
  • Employee communication
  • Human resources support
  • Plan management strategies
  • Wellness programs

We are here to help you minimize the risks at your company and maximize the health of your employees.  We strive to assist your employees in becoming knowledgeable healthcare consumers, which will reduce their costs and the costs of the company as well.

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